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Light for Chernihiv Surgeons

From 2022, the Ukrainian charitable organization "Energy Act For Ukraine Foundation" equips hospitals and schools in Ukraine with hybrid solar stations with energy storage systems. In the Chernihiv region, the fourth facility has been equipped with them.

Before the Chernihiv Regional Hospital, the foundation team opened similar stations in the Chernihiv Regional Children's Hospital, as well as in Chernihiv schools No. 3 and No. 19. 108 photovoltaic modules for the Chernihiv hospital were provided by Menlo Electric, an international company that distributes equipment for solar stations.

Chernihiv Regional Hospital is the fourth facility in Ukraine with which the foundation has worked since the beginning of 2022. Here, the Foundation provide medical assistance to the adult population of the entire region. This hospital is the only one in the region that provides high-tech medical care for serious illnesses. The hospital serves 980,369 patients. The hospital has 16 intensive care and surgical departments with modern equipment that requires a constant power supply. The hospital premises were seriously damaged as a result of rocket attacks.

The solar system, which consists of 108 solar panels with a capacity of 40 kW and an energy storage system with a capacity of 85.2 kWh, will power the critical equipment of the surgical department in the main building of the hospital. Such a system allows for the autonomous operation to block the own consumption of electricity in the surgical building and to connect the critical equipment of individual consumers, namely:

  • emergency lighting, operating room for a surgical thoracic department;

  • operating room, air conditioners for the computer tomography room;

  • department of interventional cardiology and reperfusion therapy with intensive care beds.

The expected savings of the hospital on electricity costs will amount to about 4,430 thousand euros annually, and the reduction of CO2 emissions will reach 1,139 tons over the 25 years of operation of the system.

In 2024, the charitable foundation is expanding its activities in other regions and will implement the " 100SolarSchools" and " 50SolarHospitals" campaigns in the Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Khmelnytskyi, Kirovohrad, and Rivne regions.

"Chernihiv Regional Hospital is our 4th facility in the Chernihiv region and 8th within the campaign of the general work of the Foundation starting from 2022. In just one month of station operation, the hospital saved up to 10,000 hryvnias, equivalent to the cost of two cardiographs. In a year, the hospital will be able to buy about 35 such cardiographs thanks to savings on electricity. Our stations are about guaranteeing the availability of electricity regardless of shelling, and helping hospitals spend less on utility bills, and more on hospital development and patient care," said Yuliana Onishchuk, founder and executive director of the Energy Act for Ukraine fund.

"The opening of the solar station at the Chernihiv Regional Hospital is another step towards the realisation of our mission of ensuring energy independence for Ukrainian medical institutions. This is already the fifth project embodying the ideals of the corporate social responsibility program "Energy to Power Your Future" together with the "Energy Act for Ukraine" initiative. We continue to work together to make the country's medical facilities resilient to today's energy challenges," Oleksandr Piskun, director of Menlo Electric in Ukraine, commented on the opening of the solar plant.


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