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Еnergy equipment

Еnergy equipment for field hospitals and civilians

Period for reporting (May–October 2022)


From the period of September – October 2022. 12 mobile solar systems with 3 kW capacity have already been delivered to 12 field hospitals in Ukraine:

  • 2 mobile solar stations in Military Mobile Hospital No. 59 of Donetsk region

  • 3 mobile solar stations in Military Mobile Hospital No. 66 of Dnipropetrovsk Region

  • 3 mobile solar stations for field hospitals of the Kharkiv Region

  • 2 mobile solar stations for the field hospital of the State Border Service

  • 2 mobile solar stations in the Military Mobile Hospital in Pavlograd of Dnipropetrovsk Region

What are they being used for?


  1. Field hospitals use it for all possible needs that arise – from powering medical equipment to powering communication devices and charging phones.

  2. As a backup power source for inpatient hospitals.

  3. For household use - kettles and any other household appliances.

Еnergy equipment 1

Еnergy equipment for field hospitals and civilians

Period for reporting (May-August 2022)

We are happy to report on the assistance to military medics! In august 2022, doctors from the frontline areas received help from our fund:

  • 10 power banks

  • 10 headlamps

  • 5 MPLS flashlights with a red light that is less visible at night

  • 38 different batteries.

This will ensure the operation of a considerable amount of battery-powered equipment and help medics to save lives without hindrance at any time of the day, even in the absence of light. We are sincerely grateful to our partners for their help.

However, we still have a large number of requests for energy assistance, so we continue to work for Ukrainians. And you can support the Energy Act for Ukraine foundation in providing energy independence.


Thank you to everyone who donates to us and spreads information about the foundation! Each of your actions is as important as our Energy Act for Ukraine!

Еnergy equipment 2

Generators for hospitals

Period for reporting (May–June 2022)


We received requests from various cities about the need to provide electricity to hospitals. As a result of the full-scale invasion, the settlements were left without electricity, and in the conditions of shelling, it is completely impossible to restore it.


A Swiss energy company provided us with 6 Honda EU 22 iT inverter generators.

We are sincerely grateful for such help from European partners!

According to requests, we provided:

  • 2 generators – to Kharkiv City Clinical Hospital No. 14

  • 2 generators – to the village of Donets, Kharkiv Region

  • 2 generators - in Kramatorsk.

However, more than 1 million Ukrainians remain without access to electricity.

We can help most of these people together. Donating, providing energy carriers, spreading information - any help is important.

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