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Bucha Lyceum No. 3

We received equipment from our partners


The official launch of the solar station

22 August 

Fundraising campaign is launched

Bucha Lyceum No. 3

A solar plant with energy solar systems at Bucha Lyceum No. 3

August – we received equipment from our partners.


  • Menlo Electric provided solar modules;

  • Deye company provided an energy storage system and an inverter.

22 August – fundraising campaign is launched. 

Intention: to install a solar hybrid station at Bucha Lyceum No. 3, which has been heavily affected by Russian aggression.


This initiative will provide more than 2000 children with seamless opportunities for education and development and will contribute to the school's energy independence in the future.


Our goal: €27,000, which will be directed towards:


• installation services and logistics; 

• materials; 

• operational expenses and administration.

Technical details:


  • The effective generation of solar plants amounts to 19.8 MW. 

  • The savings will amount to 118,912 hryvnias at a tariff of 6 hryvnias/kWh.

  • Photovoltaic modules will serve for about 25 years, inverters for no less than 10 years, and battery storage for 5 years. 

  • The blackout coverage time will be 4-5 hours, without considering the solar photovoltaic module generation. 

  • The reduction in CO2 emissions over 25 years will amount to 444.93 metric tons (approximately equivalent to the emissions of a gasoline-powered car traveling 1,831,781.09 km).

We believe that collective efforts can provide the school with sustainable and environmentally clean energy, allowing children to learn at any time, regardless of circumstances.

Join the initiative and help improve the lives of our young ones.


The total budget of the project: 49 000 EUR

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