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Chernihiv School No. 3

We received equipment from our partners


The official launch of the solar station

August 8

July 25 - August 1

Installation of the solar panels
A solar plant with energy storage systems was put into operation at Chernihiv secondary school №3

A solar station equipped with electricity storage systems with a total capacity of 20 kW was installed on the roof of the school. These systems provide independent power supply for the school for up to 4 hours when the main source of electricity is turned off. From now on, 30% of the school's annual energy consumption will be provided by solar energy.

The official launch of the solar station
August 8
Installation of solar panels
July 25 - August 1

️Technical information about the object:

  • The power of the station is 20 kW

  • The capacity of battery units is 40.6 kWh

  • The power of 1 module is 455 W.

We received equipment from our partners.

In July, we received equipment from our partners: ZCS Azzurro and Menlo Electric.

  • Photoelectric modules Jinko 455 — 58 pcs

  • Inverter equipment ZCS Azzurro 3PH HYD20000 ZSS ZP1ES020P15336 — 1 pc

  • Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries — 7 pcs.

Donors: Menlo Electric S.A., ZCS Azzurro

Technical partner: UNISOLAR.

The total budget of the project:
52 000 EUR

Campaigns in numbers

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