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Annual report 2022-2023

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The Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation is a Ukrainian charity organization established in response to the emerging energy crisis in Ukraine in 2022, a consequence of the full-scale russian invasion.   


The Foundation primarily focuses on providing schools and hospitals with renewable solar energy solutions driving positive change towards sustainable future. It initiated two campaigns: 100SolarSchools and 50SolarHospitals, aiming to install 150 hybrid solar power plants (solar panels and battery storages) for schools and hospitals in Ukraine that suffered from russian aggression.   

«The Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation's strength lies in our team's  unity. We have faced challenges, celebrated victories, and grown as a family. Our shared commitment to our mission binds us, fostering a work environment where collaboration and innovation thrive. To this end, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the whole team of the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation, who showed unprecedented inner strength, passion, and love for their motherland during the last to years. I extend my deepest gratitude to each of you who supported the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation in any way, as your hand of support brings hope, strength, and positive development for the People of Ukraine at the most challenging time»

Founder and CEO of Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation 

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Key numbers of the performed projects

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Financial indicators for 2022-2023


≈ 5 030

people directly affected

The Foundation's activities contribute to the engagement of communities in "green projects," providing them with the opportunity to independently implement such projects in the future. The implementation of Foundation projects involves the participation of local communities through their financial contributions and their training through workshops, where the Foundation shares its experience regarding the construction of solar stations and methods for securing funding for such projects. 

Our partners and donors 

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Educational course «Sustainable development and green energy» 

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We strive for the Ukrainian nation to have a culture of conscious consumption of natural resources. That is why in all schools where we install hybrid solar power plants, we conduct a training course “Sustainable development and green energy” for children, increase their level of knowledge about sustainability, energy sources, and cultivate the ecological habits to bring Ukraine's green transition closer!  130 pupils of 3 schools as Irpin Lyceum Mriya, Chernihiv secondary school №3, Chernihiv school №19 passed the educational course.  


pupils passed the course on sustainability and green energy as of 01.01.2024


Energy Act for Ukraine  was honored with the prestigious 2023 International Future of Emerging Europe Award award, recognizing its contributions to green energy. The awards ceremony occurred as part of the annual Future of Emerging Summit in Brussels on November 7-8. 


The Energy Act for Ukraine  Foundation triumphed in the Green Energy Initiative category for its “Dedication to providing schools with green energy in regions affected by war.”  

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Our Foundation joins Solar Power Europe, one of the most powerful solar associations in the world, representing 280 solar energy organizations in 40 countries.

Our foundation joins the Energy Ukraine Initiative – a cross-sector global coalition tasked with accelerating the recovery of Ukraine’s energy sector.


Annual report of Foundation 2022-2023

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Annual report of Foundation 2022-2023 [EN]

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