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Chernihiv Regional Hospital 

The official opening day of the hybrid solar station at the Chernihiv Regional Hospital. 29 March.  

On the roof of the Chernihiv Regional Hospital, a total of 108 40 kW solar panels with inverters and 85.2 kWh energy storage systems were installed. These systems provide independent power supply to the hospital for up to 2-5 hours when the main power source is disconnected. And from now on, 25% of the hospital's annual energy consumption will be provided by solar energy. This station is the fourth in the 50 Solar Hospitals initiative. 

"Chernihiv Regional Hospital is our 4th facility in Chernihiv region and the 8th in the overall work of the Foundation since 2022. Within a month of the station's operation, the hospital saved up to 10 thousand UAH, which is equivalent to the cost of two cardiographs. In a year, the hospital will be able to purchase about 35 such cardiographs due to the savings on electricity. "Our stations are about guaranteeing the availability of electricity regardless of the shelling, and helping hospitals spend less on utility bills and more on hospital development and patient care," highlighted Yuliana Onishchuk, Founder and CEO, the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation. 

Construction and installation works  

Construction and installation works at the Chernihiv Regional Hospital. Installation of solar panels on the roof. 

We have received equipment from our partners: 

  • 108 solar panels with a capacity of 40 kW, 

  • energy storage systems with a capacity of 85.2 kWh, 

  • Sungrow SH10RT inverters. 

Start of work on the project at the Chernihiv Regional Hospital. 

The solar plant will help reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, including CO2, by 1139 tonnes over 25 years. 

Partners and donors: Garnier Ukraine, Menlo Electric S.A., Unisolar 

Project cost: 
91 400 EUR

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Chernihiv Regional Hospital
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