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SMM Manager/SMM Agency

SMM Manager 

Location: Kyiv (with occasional travel to regions) 


Job Description:  The NGO "Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation" is looking for an SMM Manager to manage the organization's social media profiles, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with a primary focus on LinkedIn and Facebook development. This position involves independently creating various content, from posts to designed graphics (Canva level). 


We are seeking a responsible, independent, and creative team member who is not afraid to try new things and learn. 


The SMM Manager works in a team alongside the PR Manager. 




  • Developing and implementing a content plan, including posts, videos, and reels, for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (12-15 posts per month/stories daily) in both Ukrainian and English. 

  • Creating visuals to showcase the foundation's work on social media. 

  • Conducting photo and video shoots for content creation, including ideation, editing, and posting. 

  • Occasional site visits (1-2 times per month). 

  • In-depth work with LinkedIn tools (message automation, post interaction, commenting, responding to messages). 

  • Communicating and handling inquiries across all relevant social media messenger platforms. 

  • Collaborating with other specialists in the team, independently gathering information for content. 

  • Writing news articles for the website, synchronized with social media posting. 

  • Working with bloggers (defining minimum requirements). 

  • Compiling reports on work results and conducting analytics based on metrics. 


Skills that will be an asset: 

Hard Skills: 


  • Ability to generate engaging and attention-grabbing content that appeals to the audience. 

  • Knowledge of basic design and photo/video editing for creating attractive content. 

  • Strong copywriting and storytelling skills. Proficient writing for social media, including posts, stories, announcements, etc. 

  • Experience in communicating with bloggers and having a contact base (a plus). 

  • Proficiency in both English and Ukrainian languages, especially in writing. 

  • Knowledge of SMM tools: Ability to use tools for planning and analyzing social media campaigns. 


Significant advantage: Experience working with NGOs and charitable foundations. 


Soft Skills: 

  • Independence and initiative. 

  • Willingness to travel with the team to various regions of Ukraine for content creation. 

  • Attention to detail and meticulousness. 

  • Ability to work in a team. Good coordination skills with other team members, such as graphic designers, targetologists, etc. 

  • Ability to analyze data and metrics to determine campaign effectiveness and strategy development. 

  • Ability to interact with the audience, respond to comments and messages. 

  • Ability to multitask effectively. 

  • Ability to work in conditions of a large volume of information and situational changes. 

  • Understanding and willingness to identify new trends in social media and adapt the strategy accordingly. 


What We Offer: 

👀 Emotionally and Practically: 


  • You will see the tangible results of your work - solar stations built for schools and hospitals. It's a great satisfaction to see that together we are creating something new! 

  • A cool, young team. We are open, straightforward, and can both praise and critique constructively, always helping each other. 

  • Opportunities for growth. We want each of us to be independent and have room for development and new initiatives. We value creativity, initiative, and constantly trying something new. 

  • Training with various specialists from the USA (marketing, SMM strategy, mentoring). 


🤝 More Seriously: 


  • Official full-time employment with the Foundation. 

  • Office in Kyiv. 

  • Competitive salary. 

  • Training and professional development opportunities. 


If you believe this vacancy is exactly what you're looking for, please send your resume along with a cover letter to! We are looking forward to welcoming you to our team! 


Job Description:  

The Partnership Manager will be responsible for developing and supporting the Foundation's partnerships, focusing on coordinating grant programs, building relations with donors and partners (businesses, NGOs, energy associations, etc.), and preparing and submitting grant applications. 


Responsibilities and Duties:  

  • Developing partnership relations with current and potential donors and partners (foreign businesses, international donor organizations).  

  • Coordinating grant programs for implementing hybrid solar station constructions.  

  • Advocating for donors' interests and monitoring the Foundation's commitments to donors within the scope of foundation projects.  

  • Preparing and disseminating partnership-related communications, including reports, presentations, and updates for internal teams and external partners.  

  • Analyzing and mapping external stakeholders such as donor organizations, embassies, analytical centers, political bodies, EU bodies, UN agencies, etc., to identify collaboration, funding, and joint impact opportunities.  

  • Seeking grant programs and participating in grant proposal writing aligned with the foundation's profile to secure additional funding for projects.  

  • Exploring various fundraising methods, including online platforms, corporate sponsorships, individual donations, and other sources, and organizing and coordinating them.  


Reporting: The Partnership Manager will report to the Foundation Director.  


Hard Skills:  

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in social sciences, international relations, law, or a relevant field.  

  • Excellent proficiency in spoken and written Ukrainian.  

  • Excellent proficiency in spoken and written English.  

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in external communications (developing and managing partnership relations with donors/investors/contractors/business partners).  

  • Experience in the energy sector would be advantageous.  

  • Grant writing or similar tasks would be advantageous.  

  • Interest or previous experience in the energy, renewable energy, or sustainable development sectors would be advantageous.  


Soft Skills:  

  • Excellent communication skills and a desire to grow in the nonprofit sector.  

  • Strong organizational skills.  

  • Ability to interact effectively with various stakeholders and build partnership relations.  

  • Open-mindedness, determination, and attention to detail - super skills that we're looking for! 😊  

  • Willingness to grow.  


We Offer:  


😊 Emotionally and Practically:  

  • You will tangibly witness the results of your work - solar stations constructed for schools and hospitals! It's satisfying to see that together we're creating something new!  

  • A fantastic young team. We are open, direct, capable of praise and criticism, and always ready to help each other.  

  • Opportunities for personal growth. We aim for each of us to be independent and have space for development. We have big plans and big goals, which can only be achieved by daring to try new and unknown things. We aim to expand to other markets, and you can lead these processes in the future.  

  • Communication with various international donors, organizations, and businesses - building a quality contact base that will always come in handy.  


🤝 More Seriously:  

  • Official employment with the Foundation.  

  • Remote work, but soon there will be an office in Kyiv - a hybrid option is possible.  

  • Competitive remuneration.  

  • Training and skill enhancement opportunities.  


If you feel that this vacancy is exactly what you're looking for, please send your resume along with a cover letter to

We're eagerly awaiting you to join our team! 



Position: Technical Manager 

Location: Kyiv (with the possibility of travel to regions) 

Job Description: 

The "Energy Action for Ukraine Foundation" is seeking a technical specialist, an electrical engineer, to provide technical support for the implementation of projects involving the construction of hybrid solar stations and the future development of the Foundation. 

Responsibilities and Duties: 

  • Conducting technical analysis of sites for possibly constructing solar stations with storage systems. Providing technical assessments. 

  • Formulating and developing initial technical documentation (internal for donors and the foundation's team). 

  • On-site visits to various locations throughout Ukraine. 

  • Analyzing equipment provided by donors and assessing proposed projects and technical solutions from contractors for station construction. 

  • Equipment selection for the construction of hybrid solar stations. 

  • Technical control and supervision of the construction process of facilities. 

  • Communication with subcontracting organizations, technical specialists of facilities, donors, manufacturing plants, and product suppliers on technical aspects of projects. 

  • Analysis and data collection regarding the performance of hybrid solar stations at the facilities. 

  • Generating PVSyst reports. 

  • Assisting project managers in creating completion reports, MS Project diagrams, and other project-related tasks. 

Skills That Will Be Beneficial: 

Hard Skills: 

  • Higher technical education. 

  • Preferred: Experience in the field of energy and electricity. 

  • Preferred: Experience as a project engineer. 

  • Proficiency in software programs such as AutoCad, PVSyst, Sketch Up, MS Project. 

  • Experience in the design/construction of photovoltaic stations (hybrid stations) is a significant advantage. 

  • A good level of English for reading and spoken communication (not lower than B1). 

  • Willingness to travel to regions, including areas close to the front lines. 

  • Proficiency in Excel. 

Soft Skills: 

  • Communication and organizational skills. 

  • Driving a car. 

  • Ability to work as part of a team and readiness for business trips. 

  • Self-organization. 

  • Attention to detail. 

  • Communication skills. 

  • Initiative and responsibility. 

What We Offer: 

For your emotional and practical benefit: 

  • You will directly witness the results of your work - the construction of solar stations for schools and hospitals in Ukraine, which are now protected from blackouts. It's satisfying to see that together we're creating something new! 

  • A fantastic, young team. We are open, direct, and willing to both praise and provide constructive criticism, always helping each other. 

  • Room for growth. We want each of us to be independent and have room for development. We have big plans, big goals, and you can achieve them by being bold enough to try something new and unknown. Our projects will continue to evolve technically, not limited to solar stations. 

On a more serious note: 

  • Official employment with the Foundation (part-time positions are also possible). 

  • Competitive compensation. 

  • Training and professional development opportunities. 

  • Extensive access to experts from around the world - Europe, the USA, and Australia - to enhance your practical and theoretical knowledge. 

If you feel that this position is exactly what you're looking for, please send your resume along with a cover letter to

We look forward to having you join our team! 

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