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motivation letter to our email:

TECHNICAL MANAGER (electrical engineer in the field of renewable energy)

Place of work: the city of Kyiv (with the possibility of trips to the region)

Job description: The NGO "ENERGY ACT FOR UKRAINE FOUNDATION" is looking for a technical specialist an electrical engineer for the technical support of the implementation of projects for the construction of hybrid solar plants and the development of the technical department of the Foundation in the future.


Duties and responsibilities:

  • Carrying out a technical analysis of objects regarding possibly building solar stations with conservation systems. Providing a technical opinion.

  • Formation and development of the first technical documents (internal for donors and the fund team);

  • Carrying out visits to facilities throughout Ukraine;

  • Analysis of equipment proposed by donors and analysis of proposed projects and technical solutions by contractors for the construction of stations.

  • Selection of equipment for the construction of solar stations - hybrid solutions.

  • Implementation of technical control and supervision of the construction process of objects.

  • Communication with subcontractors and facility technical specialists, donors, manufacturing plants and product suppliers, and other partners on technical project issues.

  • Carrying out analysis and formation of data on the results of the operation of hybrid solar stations at the facilities;

  • Formation of PVSyst reports

Assistance to project managers in drafting:

  • reporting materials on completion of project stages

  • diagrams in MS Project

What skills will help?

Hard skills:

  1. Higher technical education;

  2. Willingness to travel to regions, including front-line regions (no closer than 80 km from the front).

  3. Mastery of Excel

  4. ​Good level of English for reading and speaking (not below B1).

  5. It will be an advantage:

  • work experience in the field of energy, electricity

  • work experience as a design engineer

  • experience as a project manager

  • knowledge of programs: AutoCad, PVSyst, Sketch Up, MS Project

  • experience in the design/construction of photovoltaic plants (hybrid plants) will be a very significant advantage

Soft skills:

  • Communication and organizational skills

  • Driving a car

  • Ability to work in a team, readiness for business trips

  • Self-organization

  • Composure and attention to detail

  • Communication

  • Initiative and responsibility




What do we offer?

👀From emotionally - applied:

  • You are guaranteed to see the result of your work - these are built solar stations for schools and hospitals in Ukraine that are now protected from blackouts :) What a pleasure to see that together we are creating something new!

  • They are a fantastic young team. We are open and direct and can praise and criticize, but we always help each other.

  • You can grow with us. We strive for each of us to be independent and have space for development. We have big plans and goals, and we can achieve them only by having the courage to try something new and unknown. In the future, the projects will develop more technically, not limited only to solar stations.

🤝Now, more seriously:

  • Official employment at the Fund (possible part-time)

  • Decent pay.

  • Education and professional development.

  • Tremendous access to experts worldwide - Europe, USA, and Australia - increases practical and theoretical knowledge.

If you feel this vacancy is just what you are looking for - send your resume and a cover letter to!

We are waiting for you on our team!


Primary Function: As a Junior Partnership Manager, you will collaborate with our Partnership Manager in developing and supporting the Foundation's partnerships. Your focus will be on researching and implementing grant programs, provide fundraising, and donor communications of various kinds. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Identify grant programs and write grant proposals aligned with the Foundation's profile to secure additional funding for projects. 

  • Engage with current and potential donors and partners, including foreign businesses and international donor organizations, representing the organization's interests and establishing partnership relationships. 

  • Assist the Partnership Manager in coordinating partnership programs. 

  • Aid in the preparation and dissemination of partnership-related communications, including reports, presentations, and updates for internal teams and external partners. 

  • Analyze and map external stakeholders, such as donor organizations, embassies, analytical centers, political bodies, EU institutions, UN agencies, etc., to identify collaboration opportunities, funding sources, and joint impact potential. 

  • Search for conferences and events, and provide organizational support to other team members participating in these conferences. 

  • Explore various fundraising methods, including online platforms, corporate sponsorships, individual donations, and other sources, and organize and coordinate them. 

Reporting: The Junior Partnership Manager will report to the Partnership Manager and the Foundation's Director. 



Hard Skills: 

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in social sciences, international relations, or a related field. 

  • Excellent proficiency in Ukrainian (both spoken and written). 

  • Excellent proficiency in English (both spoken and written). 

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in external communications, developing and managing partnerships with donors, investors, subcontractors, and business partners. 

  • Experience in grant proposal writing or similar tasks would be an advantage. 

  • Interest or prior experience in the field of energy, renewable energy, or sustainable development is preferred. 

Soft Skills: 

  • Outstanding communication skills and a willingness to develop within the nonprofit sector. 

  • Strong organizational skills. 

  • Effective interpersonal skills and the ability to build partnership relationships. 

  • Openness, goal orientation, and attention to detail – these are the qualities we highly value. 😊 

What We Offer: 

On the Lighter Side: 

  • You'll witness tangible results of your work – solar power plants  built for schools and hospitals. It's incredibly satisfying to see that, together, we're creating something new! 

  • A fantastic, young team. We're open, direct, and we're here to support each other, whether it's giving praise or constructive feedback. 

  • Opportunities for personal growth. We want each of us to be independent and have room for development. We have big plans and big goals, and achieving them means trying new and unfamiliar things. You could be the one leading these processes in the future. 

  • Communication with a variety of international donors, organizations, and businesses – developing a quality contact base that will always come in handy. 

On a More Serious Note: 

  • Official employment with the Foundation. 

  • Remote work, with occasional in-person meetings in Kyiv. 

  • Competitive salary. 

  • Training and professional development opportunities. 

If you believe this vacancy aligns with what you're seeking, please send your resume along with a cover letter to! We look forward to welcoming you to our team! 



Work Location: Ideally in Kyiv (with the possibility of travel within the region)

Vacancy Description: The NGO "ENERGY ACT FOR UKRAINE FOUNDATION" is seeking an energetic Junior Project Manager to support the implementation of our ambitious projects involving the construction of hybrid solar power stations for social and critical infrastructure in Ukraine (schools and hospitals). These projects hold a vital mission for Ukraine's sustainable development and ensure reliable emergency energy supply to critical facilities such as hospitals and educational institutions.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Search for potential project sites. Conduct visits to various regions to inspect sites, interact with local communities, and establish effective communication with them. Possible trips to conflict-affected areas.

  • Preparation of documentation, including reports, plans, and progress reports related to project sites.

  • Support the team in preparing and implementing projects for the construction of hybrid solar power stations.

  • Interaction with partners, contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

  • Preparation for tendering subcontracted work.

  • Assist the project manager in addressing operational tasks and coordinating project activities.

Skills That Will Help: Hard Skills:

  • Higher education in economics, project management, energy, sociology, or a related field.

  • Experience in humanitarian or social projects is advantageous.

  • High proficiency in Ukrainian and English languages. English (at least B1).

  • Willingness to travel to regions, including conflict-affected areas (not closer than 80 km from the frontlines).

  • Understanding of the energy sector and particularly solar energy is advantageous.

  • Proficiency in Excel.

Soft Skills:

  • Communication and organizational skills.

  • Systematic thinking, responsibility, and attention to detail - your standout skills that we're seeking!

  • Ability to effectively interact with different groups of people, including local communities and contractors.

  • Desire to learn and develop in the field of project management and green energy.

What We Offer:

👀From an emotional and practical perspective:

  • You will definitely see the results of your work – building solar power stations for schools and hospitals:) What satisfaction in seeing that together we're creating something new!

  • A great young team. We're open, straightforward, can give praise and criticism, but always help each other.

  • You can grow with us. We strive for each of us to be independent and have room for development. We have big plans, big goals, and achieving them is possible only by daring to try something new and unknown. You will eventually be able to independently manage projects and build solar power stations!

  • You will gain unique knowledge in the field of green energy, which will allow you to become a specialist in one of the most relevant sectors of the economy - energy.

🤝Now more serious:

  • Official employment at the Foundation.

  • Remote work, but being in Kyiv is preferred.

  • Competitive salary.

  • Training and professional development.

If you feel that this vacancy is just what you're looking for, send your resume along with a cover letter to! We're looking forward to having you on our team!

junior project manager


Work Location: Ideally in Kyiv, but not mandatory


  • Formation and management of the operational budget. Developing a systematic long-term approach to project budgeting and independently monitoring the financial state of ENERGY ACT FOR UKRAINE FOUNDATION.

  • Budgeting for new projects and preparing accompanying documentation for grant applications.

  • Financial planning and expenditure tracking for organization projects.

  • Monitoring and reviewing project budgets in collaboration with program managers.

  • Preparation of primary documentation according to donor requirements and Ukrainian legislation.

  • Preparation of financial reports in accordance with donor requirements.

  • Preparation and maintenance of other financial documentation (printed and electronic formats) for the organization.

  • Ensuring compliance with internal organization rules.

  • Providing financial consultation to project leaders.

  • Assisting with audit processes.

  • Other tasks related to financial management of projects and organization activities.

Ideal Candidates: Hard Skills:

  • Hold a higher education degree in economics or finance.

  • Have a minimum of 2 years of experience as a financial manager and/or chief accountant in a non-profit organization.

  • Motivated individuals with a passion for working with numbers.

  • Proficiency in English at a level not lower than B1.

  • Excellent Microsoft Office skills.

Soft Skills:

  • Independence and a high level of responsibility with a strategic vision for expense and budget planning for the foundation.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Honesty and reliability, self-organization.

  • Willingness and ability to learn to expand the scope of work.

  • Ability to manage priorities, show initiative, and work independently.

  • Ability to react promptly to tasks.

Additional Advantages:

  • Previous successful experience in budgeting and financial reporting within projects of international technical assistance or projects supported by international donor organizations (e.g., GIZ, USAID, EU, UN, foreign embassies, private foundations).

  • Previous successful experience in undergoing project/organization audits.

🤝Now more serious:

  • Official employment.

  • Remote work.

  • Energetic and friendly team.

  • Respect for work-life balance.

  • Considering part-time employment due to workload.

If you believe this vacancy is just what you're looking for, send your resume along with a cover letter to!

SMM Manager/SMM Agency

SMM Manager/SMM Agency

Activity market: EU/Ukraine – during project implementation

  • Experience in developing and implementing an SMM strategy

  • Experience with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (at least 3 years)

  • Experience in creating various content: memes/sweepstakes/contests, viral content

  • Experience and ability to work with bloggers

  • Knowledge of English and Ukrainian at a high level

  • Knowledge of design and targeting (or have a relevant team)

  • + !big plus: experience of working with public organizations and charitable foundations;


  • Initiative

  • Independence

  • Projectivity

  • Creativity

  • High quality of communication

What tasks will be:

  • Writing and implementation of SMM strategy;

  • Compilation and implementation of a content plan, namely posts and reels on Instagram, publications for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (8-10 posts per month/stories every day) in Ukrainian and English;

  • Conducting filming for content creation: writing the idea, shooting, editing, processing and posting (1-2 times a month visits to objects);

  • Compilation of reports on the results of the work, analysis of the obtained results and making adjustments to the current strategy;

  • Communication with clients in messengers of relevant social networks;

  • Working in a team with other specialists - independent collection of information for content

  • Work with bloggers (we determine the minimum volume together);

  • Launching a promo - targeting;

  • Communication and instruction of the team regarding the necessary filming for content plans.

What do we offer?

  • Official employment (the FOP option is also possible)

  • Remote work/offline when traveling

  • Dive into the world of green energy

  • A cool, motivated, active and proactive team of like-minded people

  • The satisfaction of the quick result of your work, which is a built solar station on the roof of a school/hospital

  • The possibility of growth and access to international markets, because we operate in Europe and the USA

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