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Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation is a Ukrainian charity organization established in 2022 in response to the emerging energy poverty crisis in Ukraine due to the full-scale russian invasion. The foundation primarily focuses on providing schools and hospitals with solar solutions. The foundation initiated two campaigns in 2022 – 100SolarSchools and 50SolarHospitals aiming to install 150 hybrid solar power plants for schools and hospitals in Ukraine that suffered from russian aggression.


Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation is concentrated on the implementing of the Sustainable Development Goals, among which are:

Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation helps children get a comfortable school education even during electricity outages and provides solar decisions to hospitals so people can get their medical care even in case of blackouts. Among our core values are accessibility to education and healthcare, energy independence, climate change response, and green energy education empowerment. 


Our mission is to ensure the energy independence of social and critical infrastructure in Ukraine


  • Honesty

  • Solidarity

  • Transparency 

  • Social and ecological good

  • Partnership


  • Accessibility  to energy

  • Renewable energy Resources

  • Green energy education Empowerment

  • Energy independence

  • Climate change response


Ukrainian nation with a culture of conscious use of energy resources 


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Our Foundation joins Solar Power Europe, one of the most powerful solar associations in the world, representing 280 solar energy organizations in 40 countries.

Our foundation joins the Energy Ukraine Initiative – a cross-sector global coalition tasked with accelerating the recovery of Ukraine’s energy sector.

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