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I have devoted most of my professional career to promoting clean energy. As a former manager of international relations at the largest private energy company in Ukraine, I was responsible for developing partnerships to facilitate the clean energy transition in Ukraine.


Three years ago I created a solar power plant to gain energy independence and provide clean, pure energy for my homeland. During this dark time for my country, I established the Energy Act of Ukraine foundation as a response to the war in Ukraine. I believe, together we could bring light to Ukrainian families. 


If you are looking for a reliable way to help Ukrainians stay connected, protect their energy independence, and support green energy development in Ukraine — let’s work together.

Yuliana Onishchuk, 

Founder, and CEO of Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation

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Founder & CEO


Yuliana Onishchuk

Andrii Palii.jpg

Head of the field of activity with local self-government bodies and state authorities

Andrii Palii

Аліна Сущик.jpg

Partnership manager

Alina Sushchyk 

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Project Manager

Andrii Korol

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Director of Development and Communications

Kateryna Anurina

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