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The official launch of the solar station at Chernihiv School No. 19 took place on December 22

The hybrid solar power plant installed at the school includes 57 solar modules with a capacity of 20 kW, energy storage systems with a capacity of 39.2 kWh, and a 20 kW hybrid inverter.

The project is being implemented as part of the 100SolarSchools campaign in partnership with the Ukrainian World Congress - Свiтовий Конґрес Українців Energize Ukraine, Menlo Electric S.A., and FoxESS Polska. The goal of the project is to ensure uninterrupted power supply to schools during outages, thus ensuring the continuity of the educational process.

  • Expected annual savings: 4,086 euros.

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions over the 25 years of the system's operation: 611 metric tons.

  • Average operating time during a complete shutdown: 4 hours.

  • Our solar system is expected to meet 20% of the school's annual energy needs.

About 1800 children studying at Chernihiv School #19 today can study in a comfortable environment, near their friends, without fearing being in the dark during possible blackouts. As part of our educational mission, Chernihiv School #19 students will also have the opportunity to take the Sustainable Development course on sustainable development skills, which our team implements in all schools participating in the 100SolarSchools campaign.

We are grateful to all our partners for bringing light to Ukraine before Christmas with us!


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