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ReBuild Ukraine

On November 14-15, our team participated in the second international conference, "REBUILD UKRAINE POWERED BY ENERGY". It was a unique opportunity to discuss important aspects of green recovery and sustainability of Ukraine.

On the first day, CEO and founder of Energy Act for Ukraine, Yuliana Onishchuk, spoke at the "Aid & Development meetup" panel, during which she emphasized the need for international businesses to become donors for the country's green development.

On the second day, Yuliana and Anastasia Vereshchynska, partnership manager, joined the panel "How green is recovery? Civil society perspective", which was organized by our partners from Vision Zero, and Anastasia was the moderator of the discussion panel. Key aspects of energy restoration, transport infrastructure, and sustainability of the "Ukraine Plan" were discussed.

This time, the Rebuild Ukraine event became not only a platform for discussing emergency projects but also impressed with the activity of representatives of Ukrainian and foreign businesses, as well as civil society.

Discussions focused on natural options for sustainable recovery, not just temporary measures. It is important to note that civil society actively participated in the event, demonstrating successful projects implemented during 2022-2023. This shows the great interest and support of the public about the sustainable and long-term development of Ukraine. In the future, this will contribute to attracting attention and resources for implementing projects aimed at the recovery and sustainability of the country.

We are sure that fundamental transformation is possible only through joint efforts and partnerships. That is why we remain open to new projects and initiatives aimed at immediate relief and permanent restoration of power supply in schools and hospitals.

Thanks to your support and active participation, we can continue to jointly build a future where the recovery of Ukraine will become a process and a transformational journey to sustainability and environmental sustainability.


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