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Intersolar 2023

The Intersolar 2023 event proved to be an incredible opportunity to connect with our steadfast partners who continuously support the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation throughout the year.

Among them were Menlo, KENO, Baywa.r.e, BSW, Unisolar, Deye, Foxess, and Solar Power Europe.

Together, we discussed the forthcoming steps of our partnership to support Ukraine and advance green energy development. We take pride in having reliable partners who share our mission and contribute to its realization.

Let's delve into the insights drawn from the current state of solar energy. In 2022, the European solar industry witnessed a substantial increase in new solar capacity, a staggering +44%. This leap can be attributed to the steep rise in energy prices prompted by geopolitical and energy challenges, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

During the discussions, participants explored forecasts that illustrate the continuation of this trend in the future. According to estimations, by 2017, the capacity of solar power plants could reach 120 GW, more than double the volume of 2022.

We persist in our efforts to fulfill our mission. Ukrainian schools and hospitals are already transforming into "solar" and energy-independent establishments. Gradually, we are providing society with a sustainable and renewable energy source, contributing to the sustainable development of our country.


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