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Generators for hospitals

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The energy infrastructure of Ukrainian cities and villages is almost destroyed in the frontline territories. Electricity is unavailable and it is extremely difficult to restore it. Therefore, doctors cannot provide quality medical care to those affected by a full-scale invasion.


In such circumstances, a quick decision, which is an alternative to solar power plants, for restoring power supply is generators. Such generators would be connected to critical medical equipment such as ventilators, defibrillators, refrigerators, and other resuscitation equipment.

We receive requests from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for generators of 5 - 10 kW capacity for hospitals in the frontline regions.


We will procure 25 generators as follows:

  • 9 kW 1-3 phase, petrol - 10 pcs

  • 10 kW 1 phase, diesel - 5 pcs

  • 5 kW 1 phase, diesel - 10 pcs

The generators will be donated to hospitals in the Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Symu, and Donetsk regions with the collected funds.

Our foundation aims to ensure electricity supply to the most critical life-saving units of the hospitals.

The amount to help is  80 000 EUR.

Join the help. We will put the light in the hospital and save many lives together.

Generators for hospitals

Еnergy equipment for field hospitals and civilians

Еnergy equipment for field hospitals and civilians1.png


Today more than 1.5 mln Ukrainians are left without electricity as the missile attacks on the energy infrastructure continue. People are left without electricity, heat, internet, communication with loved ones, and even without the opportunity to cook their food.

Doctors are forced to provide medical care in the absence of electricity in the frontline territories.



We supply energy equipment to field hospitals, doctors, and civilians in the frontline areas.

Such energy equipment is power banks, lanterns, medical lanterns, small mobile solar panels with electricity storages, 3-5 kW mobile solar systems and others.

3-5 kW mobile solar systems are mainly supplied to field hospitals, power banks, and lanterns for doctors and small solar panels (20W-300W) while solar heat pumps for civilians.




  • Mobile power stations in combination with flexible solar panels (160 - 2000W) – 14 pcs 

  • Mobile solar systems with storage  (3-4 kW) on a trailer with an off-road wheelbase – 2 pcs

  • Power Bank (20 000 mAh and beyond) with Solar Foldable Panels – 20 pcs

  • Solar-powered USB chargers (35-40W) – 30 pcs

  • Headlights with red light – 200 pcs


The amount to help is  30 000 EUR.

We will deliver equipment to field hospitals, doctors, and civilians in the frontline regions of Ukraine.

Еnergy equipment for field hospitals and civilians
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