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We create decentralised energy sources for schools



Due to the war in Ukraine, more than 1939 schools have been damaged today, and most do not have electricity.


A rooftop solar power plant is an effective solution for restoring the electricity supply.

Therefore, we founded the "100RESforSchools" project, which aims to provide electricity to 100 schools affected by the war in the de-occupied or frontline zones of Ukraine.

We install solar stations with electricity storage systems from 10-30 kWt capacity, depending on the needs of the school.

This solution allows you:

  • to guarantee an autonomous supply of electricity to the school

  • to cover 30 - 50% of the annual electricity consumption of the school

  • to ensure a backup power supply in the complete absence of electricity for about 3-5 hours.

The "100RESforSchools" project is also intended to promote green energy education. The series of facultative lessons on sustainability and renewable energy sources will be provided by Foundation and experts on sustainability.

We started the fundraising for school l in Irpin No. 1.

The cost of 1 (one) school -  20 kW solar power plant with electricity storage systems is 50 000* EUR.

Our aim is to equip 100 schools in Ukraine with solar power plants within the next 5 years.



All donations collected will go towards the procurement and instalment:

  • photovoltaic panels

  • inverters

  • electricity storage systems

  • installation services

  • logistics

*Project cost: 50,000 EUR

The cost of the equipment: 40,000 EUR

Apply for participation in the campaign "100RESforSchools" 

Completed and Ongoing projects


Irpin Academic Lyceum "Mriya"

Chernihiv School No. 3 



Bucha Lyceum No. 3


Completed projects

The first project within the "100RESforSchools" campaign - Irpin Academic Lyceum "Mriya"

 "100RESforSchools" campaign - Chernihiv School No. 3

Ongoing projects

Bucha Lyceum No. 3 -  fundraising campaign as a part of  "100RESforSchools" campaign

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