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Yuliana Onishchuk spoke at the Energy Tech Summit in London

On September 14, the head and CEO of the Energy Act For Ukraine Foundation Yuliana Onishchuk spoke at the Energy Tech Summit in London.

This event brought together leading experts and innovators in the field of energy technology to show how and how quickly the world can transition to a green energy supply.

Juliana's panel: "Lightning Speed Innovation." The following panel speakers were also with Juliana:

• Greg Williams, editor-in-chief of Wired UK;

• Andy Baines, former executive director of Apple, Nest and Google;

• Adam Elman, head of sustainability in the Emea region, Google.

By installing solar hybrid stations in schools and hospitals affected by russian aggression, we realized that by promoting ecological technologies, we not only make life easier for the victims, but also help leave a clean and healthy planet for future generations.

We are glad to be participants of the Energy Tech Summit and look forward to the next meeting!

You can watch the panel discussion here:


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