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We started work on the project "100RESforSCHOOLS"

Very soon, on the initiative of our foundation, primary school I-Ill grades No. 17 in Irpin will be equipped with a solar station with electricity conservation systems.

The total power of the station is 20 kW.

The 52 solar panels of which it consists will allow the school to function autonomously despite power outages.

The renewable power plant will cover more than 50% of the annual electricity consumption by the school and will work as a reserve in case of a complete lack of electricity.

Responsible energy consumption classes are also planned for children. Since it is important to develop a culture of renewable energy in Ukraine at all levels.

The goal of the Energy Act for Ukraine foundation is to equip 100 schools with solar stations.

Priority will be given to schools from war-affected regions. The technical possibility of installing panels, the absence or interruption of electricity, and the scale of destruction will be taken into account.

The initiative was implemented with the participation of the German Solar Association (BSW) which procured and coordinated the donations from German solar companies and with the support of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine.


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