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We started helping to field hospitals - with mobile solar systems.

The Energy Act for Ukraine fund started assisting field hospitals.

Thanks to our donor BayWa r.e. Global and Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, we purchased two PV.SICH stations from Ukrainian company KNESS Group.

PV.SICH by KNESS is a mobile solar station with an electricity storage system that can ensure the operation of field hospitals, operating rooms, and vital equipment such as ventilators.

The station is the best alternative to generators, and it is available for use anywhere and at any time.

In addition, stations can be combined to increase capacity if necessary.

Other benefits include:

  • easy transportation due to wheelbase

  • connection in 2 minutes

  • fully autonomy

  • possibility of recharging from the electrical network

  • powering any appliances and equipment up to capacity up to 3 kW

  • possibility of use in diffused light conditions with

  • silent installation, unlike a generator.

Thanks to such stations, doctors will be able to save the lives of many wounded Ukrainians. And this is undoubtedly the most important and valuable advantage.


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