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We purchased 3 generators for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In July we started fundraising for generators for the Armed Forces and for the raised money we managed to purchase 3 generators with a capacity of 3 kW, which were delivered to Kramatorsk.

⠀They will be able to fully or partially cover the energy needs of our defenders:

  • Providing electricity for life-saving medical equipment

  • Powering the pump station, radio communication nodes, mobile base stations, and water purification station

  • Charging of battery equipment and batteries for drones, walkie-talkies, phones

We are thankful to everyone who joined the fundraising - you donated while having a cup of coffee in cafes in Kyiv and Dnipro, took part in the raffles, and shared information about the fundraising. Together we are making a great contribution to the victory of Ukraine.

Follow our news and donate to the energy help!


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