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Trade exhibition in Kielce

On 8-9 March, the Targi ENEX trade exhibition took place in Kielce, Poland. The 25th anniversary ENEX exhibition brought together 248 leading energy companies from 15 countries. The Kielce Exhibition and Convention Centre welcomed 22,000 visitors.

The exhibitors demonstrated and presented the latest energy-saving and environmental technologies for the renewable energy sector. The exhibitors, who gathered for the energy meeting, offered a variety of modern heating and ventilation systems, the latest photovoltaic solutions and energy storage systems, schemes designed to improve energy efficiency, and even hydrogen technologies.

Anastasia Vereshchynska, Foundation Partnerships Manager, visited the Targi ENEX trade exhibition.

The purpose of the trip was severalfold:

- to meet with the Foundation's donors (Menlo Electric, FoxEss Polska and Deye) who have already joined our projects;

- to meet potential donors and partners;

- to get acquainted with the equipment available on European markets.

Our team regularly attends exhibitions, conferences and discussions dedicated to renewable energy and the war in Ukraine!

Our Foundation is always open to new business partnerships and collaborations!


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