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Memorandum with the MoH of Ukraine: A Step Towards the Shared Goal of "50RESforHospitals"

On May 18, we formalized a memorandum with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

This milestone signifies a crucial stride in forging partnership relations between the governmental body and our team. The signed agreement goes beyond formal support; it acknowledges our shared direction and the significance of ongoing dialogue.

Hand in hand with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, we are diligently advancing the "50RESforHospitals" initiative, aiming to equip medical facilities with an independent energy source. This endeavour grants healthcare institutions the capability to provide critical care regardless of prevailing circumstances.

The Ministry of Health identifies priority facilities warranting immediate attention and offers guidance for their implementation. Our collaboration enhances the effectiveness of restoring medical establishments and ensuring their sustainable operations.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko for his trust and endorsement. We also thank all our partners who align with our mission and provide steadfast support.


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