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Chernihiv Regional Children's Hospital is the first hospital within the 50 Hospitals Campaign.

On May 10, the official opening of the hybrid solar station at Chernihiv Regional Children's Hospital took place.

The station comprises 98 Jinko solar panels with a capacity of 44.59 kW and an Azzurro energy storage system of 96 kWh, providing up to 8 hours of operation during blackouts.

The station was installed in collaboration with partners Garnier and Menlo Electric.

The technical partner is Unisolar.

The primary purpose of installing the solar station is to ensure the hospital's energy independence. The system will generate green energy, which will be utilized during regular working hours and blackouts. It's crucial to emphasize that the system will be capable of covering up to 99.8% of the consumption of the neonatal intensive care unit for premature babies.

As the largest children's hospital in the Chernihiv region, offering a wide range of medical services, the hospital hosted 250 children, including 42 newborns in the perinatal ward, at the time of the station's launch.

The projected operational lifespan of the station is up to 25 years, during which CO2 emissions are estimated to be reduced by 1139 tons. The hospital will save up to €5,200 annually, which can be redirected to other essential needs.

Chernihiv Regional Children's Hospital sets an example of the successful implementation of sustainable energy in medical institutions. This project is part of the ambitious #50RESforHospitals program, aiming to equip 50 hospitals in Ukraine with hybrid solar power plants.

Today, this initiative contributes positively to the future by helping hospitals become sustainable, efficient, and environmentally responsible institutions, capable of delivering medical care even under the most challenging conditions.


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