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CEO Energy Act for Ukraine, Yuliana Onishchuk, took part in the 8th Conference on Energy Efficiency

The significance of energy efficiency, sustainability, and the utilization of renewable energy sources in rebuilding Ukraine's national infrastructure is gaining relevance and importance. In this endeavor, we draw upon international experiences and practices that can be adapted to our nation.

An illustrative instance was the participation of Yuliana Onishchuk, the CEO of the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation, at the 8th Conference on Energy Efficiency.

This esteemed event brought together over 30 ministers, 40 CEOs, and hundreds of leaders from governments, businesses, and the international community. The conference's primary objective is to expedite advancements in energy efficiency, which plays a pivotal role in tackling global energy and climate challenges.

The French Minister of Energy Transition, Agnes Panier-Runacher, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Dr. Fatih Birol, and Schneider Electric organized the conference.

During this opportunity, the foundation seized the chance to spotlight Ukraine and its potential in renewable energy internationally.

Invited to participate in the discussion panel "International Solutions and Best Practices for Sustainable Recovery" Yuliana Onishchuk deliberated on opportunities and best practices for recovering and reconstructing social infrastructure. The event united profoundly adept experts from various countries and domains, facilitating the exchange of insights into the utilization of green technologies and energy efficiency.

Thanks to such occasions, Ukraine continues to study international experiences and draw inspiration from successful practices within clean energy. The implementation of green initiatives and the assurance of sustainable development have evolved into pressing tasks for our nation, and the substantial representation at international events signifies an active contribution to the global progression of energy and environmental challenges.


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