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A delegation from Germany visited schools affected by russian aggression

We continue to share with the world our realities and the work that we, as a foundation, have been doing since 2022 for the energy independence of Ukraine.

On September 10, a delegation from Germany, in particular MP Danielle de Ridder, advisers and heads of offices of MPs of parties: SPD, CDU, CSU, FDP, die Grünen, and the Energy Act For Ukraine team visited schools affected by russian aggression. Namely:

During the visit to the "Mriya" school, we met with teachers and representatives of the school administration. We have heard numerous stories from them about how the solar hybrid plant provides electricity for classes and computer classes and ensures school learning even during power outages.

Also, in communication with the delegation of representatives of the Bundestag, we once again noted the importance of our work.

We are grateful to the entire delegation that came and listened to us. We continue to tell the whole world about what is happening in Ukraine. And we will continue to rebuild and improve the standard of living of our country.


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